The Curious Cub's Guide to Fruits & Veggies eBook

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Exposing young children to a variety of fruits and veggies provides a way for them to become familiar with these foods without the anxiety of trying a bite before they are ready. Children learn about these fruits & veggies picking which senses they want to use while following a cuddly bear named Boots the Bear. Kids can join Boots the Bear in the Curious Cub Club after using their senses on 15 fruits or veggies. Print the book, pages, or simply keep it as an ebook to talk about the fruits & veggies with your children.

The Curious Cub's Guide provides helpful information on which the seasons the fruits & veggies grow. Picking a variety of colors helps provide a variety of nutrients to their growing bodies. Boots the Bear lists the 5 color groups to help when planning meals & snacks to include as many colors as possible.

Boots the Bear loves the outdoors and takes snacks of fruits & veggies to many places such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Zion, and more! Pull out the map and show your child where Boots the Bear is when snacking on that fruit or veggie!