Fruits & Veggies FREE Color Party Guide

Welcome to the Color Party of Fruits & Veggies! Immerse yourself in a world where playing with your edibles is celebrated and getting your hands dirty is all part of the adventure. Celery turns into a vibrant paintbrush at the art station, nurturing creativity, and a fun way to expose young children to a variety of fruits & veggies.

Whether it's an family time together or a joyful gathering with friends, our color parties offer the perfect avenue to introduce children to a kaleidoscope of colorful fruits and veggies. No pressure, just pure enjoyment and learning through play.

The FREE Color Party Guide provides optional activities and recommendations on supplies to include depending on which activity will be done at your party. Activities range from playing in the dirt aka planting veggies, cooking, and using fruits/veggies as paint brushes. 

Garden Station

Kids and dirt just go together! At our Color Party Garden Station, digging in the dirt and planting seeds helps kids make the connection with the foods they see at their home and the store. Discover the wonders of the garden at the gardening station, as you dig into the earth and sow the seeds of curiosity.

Cooking Station

And when hunger strikes, the cook station awaits, transforming your colorful harvest into delectable dishes.

Art Station

So, grab your paintbrush-celery, don your gardening gloves, and get ready to whip up culinary creations. Let the colors of health, happiness, and exploration shine in this unforgettable experience!


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