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Curious Cub Club

"Hey, Boots the Bear, what do you eat?"

"Hey, Boots the Bear, what do you eat?"

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Discover the magic of fruits and vegetables with Boots the Bear! This delightful book explains how these nutritious foods fuel your little ones' bodies to run, grow, and play. With fun illustrations and photos, it's a joyful journey for both you and your kids. See how each fruit, vegetable, and color group benefits their health. Let Boots the Bear be their healthy eating guide!

Hey kids, it's Boots the Bear! I've got a fun mystery to solve, and I need your help, my awesome friends!

I've been wondering, how do fruits & veggies make us grow, run, and play? It's like magic! So, let's read together and find out how these amazing foods help our bodies grow strong and healthy.

In this cool book, you'll see cute pictures of me and my friends, and also lots of yummy fruits & veggies. We'll learn about more than 25 of them, and guess what? They come in five cool colors too!

I bet you're wondering how fruits and veggies help you.  Well, that's where I come in! You'll see my special symbols all over the book. They tell us why these foods are super special for our bodies. They help our brains, make our muscles strong, and keep our hearts happy!
So, let's go on this exciting journey together, and I promise you'll have a blast. We'll learn about the power of fruits & veggies and how they make us grow, run, and play like champions!

Are you ready for some fun with Boots the Bear and Friends? Let's dive in and discover these colorful foods.

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