Easy Custom Baby Onesie Ideas for Baby Shower Game or Gift

Easy Custom Baby Onesie Ideas for Baby Shower Game or Gift

Baby Onesie for Baby Shower

by Beth Dunlap, Author of "The Ultimate Baby Shower Game Guide" and "Shower Me with Stories: A Pregnancy Keepsake Journal"

Elevate the joy of welcoming a new addition by incorporating a custom baby onesie creation activity into your baby shower festivities. This delightful DIY project not only serves as a fun and interactive experience for guests but also provides a perfect way to share a heartfelt and personalized gift for the expecting parents. With an array of plain onesies, fabric markers or paint, and optional stencil templates, guests can unleash their creativity to design adorable and unique onesies for the baby. From humorous sayings to charming illustrations, each piece becomes a cherished keepsake with a personal touch. The activity fosters a sense of togetherness and allows guests to contribute a one-of-a-kind item to the baby's wardrobe, ensuring lasting memories for both the parents-to-be and the thoughtful contributors.

DIY Baby Onesies is a cute idea to provide a great baby shower gift. Making a custom onesie with the baby's name or a funny saying can be a great gift that is creative with a personalized touch. A cute onesie can be created before the baby shower as a gift or guests can create personalized onesie during the baby shower. In this blog post, you will find supply lists & detailed instructions to create a baby onesie station at the baby shower, 3 methods to create custom onesies, and a list of fun sayings that guests and family members can select for a fun way to personalize their newborn gifts.

 ​Baby Shower Activity:

Custom Baby Onesie Ideas for Baby Shower Game or Gift


  1. Plain Onesies: Purchase a variety of plain onesies in different sizes to accommodate guests’ preferences.
  2. Fabric Markers or Fabric Paint: Provide a selection of fabric markers or fabric paint in various colors for guests to use in creating their designs.
  3. Baby Onesie Template (Optional): If you want to offer guests guidance or specific design elements, consider providing stencil templates.
  4. Protective Table Covers: Cover the tables with disposable table covers or plastic to protect surfaces from paint or marker stains.
  5. Cardboard Inserts: Insert cardboard pieces inside the onesies to prevent the paint of markers from bleeding through to the other side.
  6. Aprons or Smocks: To keep guests’ clothing clean, offer aprons or smocks that they can wear while working on their creations.
  7. Drying Racks or Clotheslines: Set up drying racks or a clothesline where guests can hang their personalized onesies to dry.
  8. Personalized Onesie Sign-Up Sheet: Create a sign-up sheet or system to ensure each guest has a onesie to decorate and avoid duplicates.
  9. Design Inspiration Ideas: Provide magazines, printouts, or cute baby-related designs to inspire guests who may be unsure where to start. Include a printout with the 50 Funny baby onesie sayings listed below for guests as they create their own onesie.
  10. Baby Wipes or Damp Towels: Have baby wipes or damp towels available for guests to clean their hands if they accidentally get paint or marker on them.


  • Set Up the Crafting Area:
    • Arrange tables with the necessary supplies and set up a designated crafting area where guests can comfortably work on their onesies.
  • Explain the Activity:
    • Kick off the activity by explaining that each guest will be creating a personalized onesie for the baby.
  • Choose a Onesie:
    • Have guests choose a plain onesie in the size they prefer.
  • Provide Design Options:
    • Offer stencil templates or design ideas for guests who may need inspiration, but also encourage free creativity.
  • Decorate the Onesies:
    • Let guests use fabric markers or fabric paint to decorate their onesies. Remind them to use the cardboard inserts to prevent bleeding.
  • Offer Assistance:
    • Have a designated area where guests can ask for help or clarification if needed, especially if they are trying more intricate designs.
  • Drying Area:
    • Direct guests to the drying area where they can hang their completed onesies. Ensure there's enough space for everyone's creations.
  • Sign and Share:
    • Encourage guests to sign their creations or leave a small message for the parents-to-be on the onesies.
  • Thank Guests:
    • Express gratitude to the guests for participating and contributing to the special keepsakes for the baby.
  • Collect the Onesies:
    • Once the onesies are dry, collect them for the parents-to-be. Consider displaying them in a creative way during the baby shower, such as hanging them on a clothesline for everyone to admire.

3 Options on how to make custom onesies. Purchase plain onesie in newborn sizes or various sizes.

Method 1: Fabric Markers or Paint

  • Choose Saying and Design: Select a saying and design that you want to hand-draw or paint on the onesie.
  • Prepare the Onesie: Wash and dry the onesie to ensure a smooth surface for drawing or painting.
  • Use Fabric Markers or Paint: Use fabric markers or fabric paint in different colors to carefully draw or paint the chosen saying onto the onesie.
  • Let It Dry: Allow the onesie to dry completely. Follow the instructions on the fabric markers or paint for drying times.
  • Heat Set (if necessary): Some fabric markers or paints may require heat setting. Follow the instructions on the product for this step.

Method 2: Iron-On Transfer

  • Select a Saying: Choose a funny or cute saying for the onesie.
  • Create or Find a Design: Use graphic design software to create a design with the chosen saying or find pre-made designs online.
  • Print on Transfer Paper: Print the design onto iron-on transfer paper. Make sure to follow the paper manufacturer's instructions.
  • Cut the Design: Carefully cut around the design, leaving a small margin if needed.
  • Prep the Onesie: Wash and dry the onesie to ensure it's clean and wrinkle-free.
  • Position the Design: Place the design on the onesie where you want it. Use a ruler or measuring tape to ensure it's centered.
  • Iron the Transfer: Follow the instructions on the transfer paper for ironing. Typically, this involves applying heat with a household iron.
  • Peel Off the Backing: Once the transfer has cooled, carefully peel off the paper backing, leaving the design on the onesie.

Method 3: Custom Printing Services

  • Select a Saying and Design: Choose a saying and design that you want to print on the onesie.
  • Find a Custom Printing Service: Look for online custom printing services that allow you to upload your design and print it onto a onesie.
  • Upload and Customize: Follow the website's instructions to upload your design, customize placement, and choose onesie size and color.
  • Place an Order: Once you are satisfied with the customization, place an order for the custom-printed onesie.
  • Receive and Enjoy: Wait for the custom-printed onesie to be delivered to your doorstep and enjoy the personalized creation.

Whether you choose to use iron-on transfers, fabric markers, paint, or custom printing services, adding a saying to a onesie is a fun and creative way to make it uniquely yours.

Options for Themes for Onesies:

  • Monthly milestones
  • Create a shirt with a cute design or saying for the older sibling.
  • Design a little hat for
  • Holiday Onesies
  • Theme ideas around holidays such as Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day. Star Wars, St. Patrick’s day

50 Funny baby onesie sayings for the new little bundle of joy 

  1. "Milk Wasted"
  2. "Poop, There It Is!"
  3. "Nap Time is My Cardio"
  4. "I'm the Boss Until Mom Gets Home"
  5. "Diaper Loading... Please Wait"
  6. "Drool is Cool"
  7. "I'm Not a Regular Baby, I'm a Cool Baby"
  8. "I'm on a Liquid Diet"
  9. "Spit Happens"
  10. "Born to Stand Out... and Spit Up"
  11. "I'm Kind of a Big Deal in the Nursery"
  12. "Dad's Mini-Me"
  13. "Mommy's Little Monster"
  14. "I'm All Ears (and Cheeks)"
  15. "Chick Magnet"
  16. "Winging It"
  17. "Little Squish"
  18. "Too Cute for My Onesie"
  19. "Future Heart-breaker"
  20. "Tiny Human Alert"
  21. "Milkaholic"
  22. "Napping Champion"
  23. "I'm New Here"
  24. "Mommy's/Daddy's Diaper Duty Expert"
  25. "Sorry, Not Sorry for the Diaper Blowout"
  26. "I Just Did 9 Months on the Inside"
  27. "Crib Boss in Training"
  28. "Daddy's Little Co-Pilot"
  29. "I'm Not Crying, I'm Just Practicing My Opera"
  30. "Just Did 9 Months Hard Time"
  31. "Mischief Managed"
  32. "Keep Calm and Change My Diaper"
  33. "Little Ray of Sock-Sunshine"
  34. "Mom's/Dad's Alarm Clock"
  35. "I'm Not a Regular Baby, I'm a Tactical Poop Machine"
  36. "Professional Napper"
  37. "Born to Sparkle"
  38. "Cuddle Bug in Training"
  39. "Future Jedi in the Making"
  40. "Mommy/Daddy's Little Miracle"
  41. "Too Glam to Give a Damn"
  42. "Part-Time Angel"
  43. "Dad's Wingman"
  44. "The Snuggle is Real"
  45. "I'm New Here, Please Be Nice"
  46. "Little Yawn That Packs a Punch"
  47. "Chief in Charge of Cuteness"
  48. "Future President (or at least of the Playground)"
  49. "I'm Teething and I Mean Business"
  50. "Sassy like Auntie/Grandma"

In conclusion, introducing a custom baby onesie creation activity to your baby shower or gifting one to expecting parents adds an extra layer of joy and personalization to the celebration. This interactive and enjoyable DIY project not only offers guests a chance to express their creativity but also results in heartfelt, one-of-a-kind gifts for the new parents. Whether adorned with humorous sayings or adorable illustrations, these custom onesies become cherished keepsakes, symbolizing the collective well-wishes and love surrounding the growing family. The experience of crafting these unique garments fosters a sense of togetherness, making it a memorable and heartwarming addition to any baby shower. The joy derived from creating something special for the little one extends beyond the crafting table, leaving lasting impressions and cherished memories for both the parents-to-be and the thoughtful contributors.

February 10, 2024


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