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Shower Me With Stories: A Keepsake Journal (paperback)

Shower Me With Stories: A Keepsake Journal (paperback)

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Capture Precious Moments Before Baby's Arrival: "Shower Me With Stories" - A Charming Keepsake Book

Embrace the magical moments of waiting for your newborn with the heartwarming "Shower Me With Stories." This adorably illustrated keepsake book, adorned with whimsical designs, provides the perfect space for both parents-to-be and friends & family to share in preparing for your little one's arrival.

In the first part of the journal, cherish the heartfelt contributions of loved ones through delightful prompts. Friends & family will shower you with messages of love, share pearls of parenting wisdom, and provide funny entries from their own experiences with kids. From sweet reflections on being a parent to valuable self-care tips, this section is filled with the love and support you need as you prepare to grow your family.

Sample Friends & Family Pages include:

  • Shower Baby with Messages Pages for Parents and Friends & Family
  • Sweet Things about being a Parent
  • Who needs an alarm clock now? Items no longer needed with baby
  • Favorite Kid TV Shows & Family Movies
  • Fun songs for family dance parties & singing together OR warning - songs that will drive you crazy
  • Self-Care Tips
  • Tips on Meltdown Moments (yours or your kids)
  • Rainy Day Tips
  • Best Social Media for Parents of Young Kids
  • For You...

The second half of the journal focuses on open-ended prompts, guiding you to capture the sweet moments of your pregnancy to cherish for a lifetime. From week 7 to 40, you'll find space to write your thoughts and feelings every step of the way. This treasured keepsake also offers room for baby bump pictures, ensuring you remember these extraordinary days forever.

Additional features:

  • Trimester prompts, including your reaction to a positive pregnancy test, telling friends & family, finding out the gender, and feeling your baby move
  • A heartwarming "Dear Baby" letter
  • Space for ultrasound photos
  • Entries for your Hopes & Dreams for Baby and Things to Remember
  • Share your Funny Pregnancy Moments
  • Baby Shower Guests & Gifts pages

"Shower Me With Stories" is a versatile companion that can be part of your baby shower, a cherished hospital keepsake, or a delightful memory journal for when visitors come to meet your new addition. Pair it with "The Ultimate Baby Shower Game Guide" for fun, engaging games featuring movies, music, and TV shows. Unite with loved ones as you create a special playlist using "Shower Me With Stories" on Pandora, with songs that parents & kids will adore, and a warning list of tunes that might drive parents crazy. Select Movie & TV Show Category Cards like "Best Picks in the Morning before the Parent's First Cup of Coffee," "Must See During Childhood," or "Who Said It" for an unforgettable experience.

Celebrate the joyous journey of parenthood with "Shower Me With Stories" and create a keepsake filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

76 Pages
8 1/2 x 11


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