Easy and Frugal at Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

Easy and Frugal at Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

At Home Date Night Ideas for Busy Parents

By Beth Dunlap, author of "The Ultimate Baby Shower Game Guide" and "Shower Me with Stories: A Pregnancy Keepsake Journal" on January 16, 2024.

Time to change into some non-spit up covered clothes and enjoy quality time as a couple for a date night. What came naturally and easy before children, now takes some planning and being intentional about setting aside regular date nights for time together.

From finding a masterclass for you to do together to picking movies based on decade or pulling out childhood favorite video games for some fun competition and nostalgia, you will find easy ways to enjoy an at-home date night. With an annual membership to Masterclass costing just $15 for a duo membership for a year, this unlocks classes to do together such as photography, cooking, interior design, and acting, these can provide a great way to spend quality time together and can spark good conversation while learning a new skill. (There is no compensation being received for sharing about Masterclass). Finding creative ways to do fun activities together can be unlocked by some clicks around the internet to provide an easy way to enjoy each other without leaving the living room.

Here’s 10 easy & frugal ways for busy parents to have a good time together from the comfort of your own home.   

  1. Movie Night at Home: Movie Nights are a great option when you have little time to plan ahead for a date night.Movie Night
    • Pick a new movie or a favorite movie to enjoy together.
    • Pick a decade and decide on a movie from that decade.
    • Snuggle up with cozy blankets on the coach in your living room
    • Make some homemade popcorn and enjoy a "theater" experience at home.
    • You can also pick a new or childhood favorite TV show to binge.
  2. Cook Together:Cook Together
    • Choose a new recipe that you both want to try.
    • Follow a chef online and save their videos to create their recipe together following along with their instructions. Make a stop at the grocery store to pick up the ingredients before the date night to have everything on hand for your delicious dish.  
    • Cook together in the kitchen, sharing tasks and enjoying each other's company.
    • Create a Romantic Atmosphere with a nice bottle of wine, candles, and setting the table together. Put the cell phones away and enjoy good conversation savoring the meal you've prepared.
    • Have fun Conversation starters like “What’s a quirky or unusual family tradition from your childhood that you’d like to bring into our family?”
    • A great option is to join a Master Class online for a cooking class to improve your chef skills together.
    • Choose a theme for the evening (e.g., Italian, Mexican, or Chinese).
  3. Game Night:Game Night
    • Set aside the 3+ board games and dust off the board games you played before kids for a little friendly competition for a fun game night.
    • Pull out your cards for a new card game or an old favorite.
    • Snacks like homemade nachos or simple finger foods can add to the experience.
    • Purchase Mini Arcade games of your childhood favorite games for some throw back fun.
  4. Creative Ideas:Creative Ideas
    • Scroll through the Master Classes online to pick one to do together and learn a new skill.
    • Take an acting class online, wine tasting class, or a virtual Escape room together.  
    • Join a art class online and purchase all the supplies ahead of time to help create your masterpiece.
  5. Stargazing:Stargazing
    • If you have a fire pit or backyard, set up a cozy spot with blankets.
    • Spend the evening stargazing and talking about your dreams and memories.
    • It's a simple yet romantic way to connect.
  6. Book Club for Two:Book Club for Two
    • Choose a book that interests both of you.
    • Take turns reading chapters aloud or read silently together cuddled close on the couch.
    • Have a mini book club discussion over the chapters with some wine or coffee and a tasty snack or dessert.
  7. Indoor Picnic:Indoor Picnic
    • Lay out a blanket in your living room for a cozy indoor picnic together.
    • Prepare simple picnic-style foods like sandwiches, fruits, and cheese.
    • If you have a fireplace, enjoy the picnic in front of nice, roaring fire.
  8. DIY Craft Night:Craft Night
    • Pick a craft project you both want to try.
    • Gather supplies from around the house or buy budget-friendly materials.
    • Spend the evening creating something together.
  9. Home Karaoke Night or Dance FloorHome Karaoke
    • Find karaoke versions of your favorite songs online.
    • Take turns being the star of your own living room concert.
    • Singing together can be a fun and entertaining way to bond.
    • When was the last time you listened to the songs from your wedding? Pull out your playlist and ut away the toys to clear space for a mini dance floor.
    • Create a favorites playlist together to enjoy these songs during your date night.
  10. Photography:Photography
    • Watch YouTube videos on photography or take a Masterclass on photography then step out into your backyard to practice what you’ve learned.
    • Udemy provides great options such as iPhone Photography, Adobe Photoshop, and 3D Animation to pay per class but they are more expensive than an annual Masterclass membership or free tutorial on YouTube.

Taking a couple of hours each week or month to have a date night together helps continue a healthy relationship, open up communication and connection while creating some much needed alone time away from your young kids. Write a love letter to each other before your next date night and plan for future date nights. After a long day, you can keep the baby monitor close while creating romantic date night to enjoy some quiet time together.

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