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Christmas Activities for Kids

When my kids were young, I knew I wanted to create lasting Christmas memories & traditions with them but how to do that with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas? I found our family's solution in an Advent Calendar. Our kids looked forward to opening the Advent Calendar each day and it provided a way for my husband & I to be intentional about our activities to do together.

It wasn't an easy set up and go system right from the start though. I set up our first Advent calendar not paying much attention to our actual calendar so we would have activities for Advent that we couldn't do that day because of other activities. Advent activities would pile up and we would do several at one time. The other problem was having supplies on hand for that activity. My kids would pull out the Grinch Punch activity card and I'd realize a trip to the grocery store would soon follow.

Over the years, I got more organized and put together a grocery & supply list. I started planning out our Advent Calendar with our actual calendar in November so I knew what to expect. This organizing ahead of time helped ease the stress of doing it.

Now many of the Advent Calendar activities are some of our favorite Christmas memories. I've created "The Ultimate Advent Christmas Planner" with my supply & grocery lists, activity planner, and 100 Advent Christmas Ideas together to help you in enjoying this Christmas tradition which creates memories that last a lifetime!

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