Advent Activities for Toddlers

Advent Activities for Toddlers

Every year my sons, niece, my hubby, Mother-in-Law, and I gather the supplies to attempt to make a Gingerbread House. Covered in icing, weighted down by candy, and quick to fall down has been our frequent experience in attempts to make our Gingerbread Houses. Now that all the kids are older, it has become a running joke about our past attempts. Making of the Gingerbread House has been an Advent card activity since the kids young ages.

Advent activities for Toddlers

  • Make Gingerbread Houses
  • Making Christmas cookies
  • Crazy sock Day
  • Dress like your favorite Superhero
  • Have a fun Family photo session and for some added fun, purchase a Christmas Photo Booth Props
  • Turn everything inside out and wear everything backwards today
  • Wear only red or only green today
  • Parents are used to helping pick out clothes for their kids but today kids get to pick out their parent's clothes!

For more ideas, check out The Ultimate Advent Christmas Planner.


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