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Feeding Kids 101: A Parent's Guide

Feeding Kids 101: A Parent's Guide

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"Feeding Kids 101: A Parent's Guide"

Feeding young children can be quite the challenge for any parent. With busy lives and picky eaters, mealtime can sometimes turn into a struggle. If you find yourself wondering how to expand your child's palate beyond the usual "kid-friendly foods," this book is here to help!

"Feeding Kids 101" is designed in a user-friendly magazine-style format, perfect for busy parents seeking quick tips and valuable insights. Discover effective strategies to introduce a variety of foods to your little ones, all while maintaining a peaceful mealtime atmosphere.

This helpful guide covers essential steps in raising adventurous eaters:

  • Understand Normal Development
  • Embrace the Authoritative (Democratic) Parenting Style
  • Foster Family Togetherness
  • Introduce a Variety of Fruits & Vegetables
  • Lead by Example with Modeling
  • Navigate Sweets & Salty Foods
  • Engage in Family Food Activities from Planting to Cooking
  • Nurture Growth with Nutrient-Rich Foods
  • Closing the Gap to Successful Eating Habits

Plus, find bonus sections on Social Media & Book Recommendations, as well as References for further reading.

With "Feeding Kids 101," you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to make mealtime a joyous adventure, ensuring your child enjoys a diverse and nutritious diet. Say goodbye to food fights and hello to happy, healthy eating environment for your little ones to grow, learn, and explore!

72 Pages

8.5 x 11

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