Feeding Kids 101: A Parent's Guide eBook

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Navigating feeding young children can be difficult. Feeding Kids 101 provides an easy-to-read format for busy parents to gain quick tips to help with their kids.

Any parent of a toddler knows that feeding kids is not easy. Our lives are busy and we are happy to get food on the table only to hear a little voice saying, "yuck, I don't want that". What do you do? How do you help your child from eating the same "kid-friendly foods" such as chicken nuggets and expanding beyond that to other foods such as a variety of vegetables without the dinner table turning into a massive food fight? Feeding Kids 101 is written in a magazine-style fashion for busy parents to easily guide you through steps to helping expose your child to a variety of foods while giving parents a peace of mind about how they are serving it to their little ones.